Sunday, June 13, 2010

Comedian of the Week - BPGlobalPR

BPGlobalPR, the exceedingly popular fake BP Twitter feed, does several things at once. First and foremost it makes you laugh. And it does that job very well. By making lemons into lemonade (or in this case horrible environmental disaster into chuckles) it also serves as a constant critique and reminder of the crass arrogance of big corporations. So much, in fact, that BP has openly tried to distance itself from the feed, forcing them to re-write their bio to reflect that they were fake.

Some gems include:

We are not killing animals in the gulf, we are creating fossils in the gulf. Have a little perspective.

This seems like an awful lot of fuss over something that's not a celebrity sex scandal.

Sending some lawyers down to the Earth's crust to deliver a Cease and Desist. That oughtta do it.

I've gotta say, at night the gulf really doesn't look that bad.


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